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God Bless the Brooders - CD

Judith's 2012 release.  Recorded in Mass.  by producer Anand Nayak.

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Judith Avers: God Bless the Brooders

Mountain and Shore - CD

Released in May, 2009, Mountain and Shore is the latest album by Judith. With 13 original tracks and special appearances by Anand Nayak, Sturgis Cunningham, Rose Sinclair, Josh Relin, James Armenti, Katie Sawicki, Chris Pureka, Polly Fiveash and Kristen Gass, this is Judith's most ambitious recording to date. You can buy the CD here:

Judith Avers: Mountain and Shore

Strong Hands - CD

Released in 2005.  Recorded in one room by candlelight in Denver by Jack Redell, "Strong Hands" has been described as "sparse and achingly beautiful". All of Judith's tracks were recorded 100% live. Special appearances by Tom Zingaro and Mathew Gilliam make this even more special. It boasts 12 original tracks and one special "bonus" song at the end.

Judith Avers: Strong Hands
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