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Judith Avers: Music


(From the 2009 release, Mountain and Shore. Judith Avers with Anand Nayak and Sturgis Cunningham.)
May, 2009
Written by Judith Avers. Click on Title for lyrics and notes from Judith
Note from Judith:
"Rocketship" is one of my favorite songs on the new album. We recorded it late at night toward the end of the recording sessions. We had been recording these heavy tracks and sad songs and I was frustrated and just wanted to play something loudly. I wanted to sing as loud as I could and just do ANYTHING that wasn't soft and quiet.

The core of this song...the resonator (that cool lead guitar sound) played by Anand Nayak, the drums played by Sturgis Cunningham, and me playing acoustic guitar and singing, was all done live in just a couple of takes. I remember wishing we had messed up a little more so I could have sung it a few more times.

Anand went back and added bass and the harmonium you hear at the very beginning.

A lot of folks who heard this thought I was making a mistake by adding it to the album, but when I'm 80 and don't have anything better to do than to listen to my own CD's...who will care what they thought? I'm happy it's here.

you were the bright morning sun
and I was a dusty fall
you were fine porcelain
I was a plastic cup
you came around
knock knock knocking on my door
you’d tilt your head back
you’d drink it up

you wanted it
you got it
and you stayed

you were a healer
and I was a fallen star
you picked me up
put me in your pocket tight
you were an astronaut
I was the lonely moon floor
you opened up your rocketship door
and you stepped outside

you wanted it
you got it
and you stayed

you were dancing
I was swirling around inside your head
you turned down the volume
and listened instead to the music
we were making
not a sound it gave
the instruments all faded
but the songs remained

and you wanted it
you got it
and you stayed
you wanted it
you got it
and you stayed