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Judith Avers: Music

Song For Leroy the Lizard-A song written by some of Judith's students in Anguilla

(Anguilla Stingray Students)
The Stingray music group wrote this w/ a little help from Judith. Click on the title of the song for more info.
I was teaching songwriting in Anguilla. My friend Joanna and I were driving to the school and I saw a very strange lizard in the middle of the road. Things didn't go so well for the lizard after it ran in front of us. When I got to class, I told the students and then we began our songwriting lessons.

It is important for you to know that the ages of the students ranged from around age 5 to 17. I didn't write this for them at all. I helped guide them with guitar and mostly just encouraged them to ignore us adults and use their own brains to figure out what flowed well. I think it is brilliant...what do you think?

Juve Morning is a celebration type parade that usually begins around midnight. This parade is popular with revelers who enjoy living it up from late at night to sunrise, while the streets fill up with spectators who come to dance and cheer on the participants.
Remember the days
I was running around
chasing all the girls
and having fun

I remember once
when I was a little boy
with my mother
Juve in the sun.

I was drinking rum
I got really really dumb
I chose to jam instead of run
then a car knocked me down and now I'm done.
I'm really, really done.