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Judith Avers: Music

Better Off

(From the 2005 release, Strong Hands. Judith Avers)
written by Judith Avers click on title for lyrics
Better Off

It don't matter what you did
It don't matter what you said
You're careful like the night
Proud like the day

There ain't a thing I want from you
There ain't a thing I'd take
Cautious you walk
But that bough's about to break

You can't get nowhere when you're broken down
You can't get nothin' with a shut mouth
You can't get nowhere with your stubborn pride
But girl, you sure do try

I wonder if you're lonely
You'd never let me know
I wonder do you think of me
When you're alone
are you better off?

it's allright to build walls sometimes
break a doorway down
now and then
it would sure be nice
tread soft, keep in mind
every dark day needs a little bit of light

Whoever wins your heart, girl
Opens you wide
Whoever you're gonna let break inside
Will be the luckiest girl alive
Are you better off?