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It's Judith - Remember Me??! - October 6, 2017

"If you only had ONE show left, what songs would you play?"

I'd play the nine songs on my new album, not yet released.

It's called Walk Steady.  

(For the "skimmers" out there, you can click HERE for all kinds of information on pre-orders, rewards and the inspiration behind the making of this special project.)

During the making of my last solo album God Bless the Brooders, my dad, mom and sister died. I’ve been working through it. But you know, grief has done strange things to my thoughts.  I've been living with new stage fright, restlessness, and the constant feeling that everything could end at any moment. It has made me question my lifelong devotion to music.

That album was released in 2012. Although I’ve been working and happily making music since then, I haven’t quite had the heart or mindset to release any solo material. 

But in the past few years, I’ve helped others write their own songs – especially youth. Through those songwriting experiences, I’ve changed. I hope I've grown - I've certainly tried! I think it's time to have faith in the value of my work and I hope you'll join me.  

This album is about inner freedom and the slow strangulation of unhappy relationships.

It is about sexuality, abuse, and self-possession.

It is about confusion, corruption and being done with bullshit.

It is about the reality and permanence of death.

There is a song for suckers. (I absolutely loathe being a sucker - don't you?!)

There is a song about the deep knowing and acceptance of an entire being, my wife, Frances.

And there is a reminder that love is the truth…when in doubt, we can always confidently follow love.

This new album is mostly made. But to be released, it needs final funding, which is outlined on Kickstarter.  I need your help to pay Daniel Marcus (co-producer, husband, teacher, musician and father of two) fairly. I need your help to pay someone to help me navigate channels for the album other than live shows. 

I believe there is a place for all art. I have poured my 21 years of songwriting experience and all its angles into this album. Thank you for believing in me and my work.  

Love and peace to each and every one of you,


Nominee Best Horror Music - September 19, 2017

So happy to announce that we were nominated for Best Music for Independent Music Series 2017.  

Want to see the first episode of Golden Rule and see/hear what all the hype is about?  


Click HERE to visit Or So the Story Goes' website.  

ISA7 win for Judith! - April 10, 2016

Hello friends,

I was so surprised and honored to be nominated for the ISA7 Independent Series Awards for Best Original Soundtrack and Best Original Song.


There were so many fantastic folks nominated and I am very proud to announce that my song, Happily Ever After, was the winner for Best Original Song!!  


Check out the other nominees and winners here.


Gotta admit, it feels good to be recognized.  Thanks to everyone at ISA7 - we had such a great time.  The team from Or So the Story Goes and I had such a great time and were were very thankful to be honored.


Rock on!!!


Check out Or So the Story Goes here.

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