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Nominee Best Horror Music - September 19, 2017

So happy to announce that we were nominated for Best Music for Independent Music Series 2017.  

Want to see the first episode of Golden Rule and see/hear what all the hype is about?  


Click HERE to visit Or So the Story Goes' website.  

ISA7 win for Judith! - April 10, 2016

Hello friends,

I was so surprised and honored to be nominated for the ISA7 Independent Series Awards for Best Original Soundtrack and Best Original Song.


There were so many fantastic folks nominated and I am very proud to announce that my song, Happily Ever After, was the winner for Best Original Song!!  


Check out the other nominees and winners here.


Gotta admit, it feels good to be recognized.  Thanks to everyone at ISA7 - we had such a great time.  The team from Or So the Story Goes and I had such a great time and were were very thankful to be honored.


Rock on!!!


Check out Or So the Story Goes here.

I saw the Magnolias this week... - March 15, 2016

And their buds were bursting in the sunlight.  Not as soft as you might think.  Bare grey branches contrasting with the pinks and deep mellow of their blooms.  Many sighs.  Many sparks.  Much love.


Spring is almost here and as always, it can never arrive soon enough for me.  I need the oxygen of it.  I need the birdsong of the morning.  I need the light.  


It has been a good week with music.  What's working in the songbox of my house?


1.  The new short film by Or So the Story Goes - Sweet Truth.  I'm the Music Director again and am thrilled to be making new music for this cool and creepy film.  The latest song is a new tune called "Back Room."  I've been humming it all week and slowly working out it's footprint.  


2.  I played a show over at the Hospitality House with Brad Yoder and Devon Sproule.  Stage fright/anxiety really is a bummer, but I left the concert inspired and ready to play my guitar late into the night, so it's worth it.  I hope this someday improves, but in the meantime I am grateful for the beauty of the night and the music.  Devon and Brad's lyrics have been cycling through my brain and even kept me up one night.  


3.  I'll be teaching a songwriting workshop over at Calliope this week before the Rani Arbo and Daisy Mayhem show that night.  Anand Nayak produced my last two CDs and I just adore he and the band.  I'm excited to listen!


I am sending lots of love your way today.  I hope to see you out there soon,


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